The popularity of Super Bowl has been soaring over the years with a paltry 90 million viewers in 2006 to a whopping 114 million in 2015. A steady climb has been observed in the past ten years with each year surpassing the previous one in numbers of viewers. There is no other even watched by so many people more that the annual Super Bowl. In fact, it is always an unofficial holiday for most Americans as they create time to watch the big match with friends and family growth or just alone with a drink at home.

The telecast shows some of the most expensive ads on TV with this year having a total of 5 million dollars in adverts per 30 seconds. No brand would wish to be left out of this nationwide event covering all categories of audiences for their products and those who want to get in at the last minute have to fork out more money. CBS has successfully delivered the game to the nation entertaining so many people.

The telecast has become popular with every year and is enjoyed by both the young and old, the fans and those who knows nothing about football, the professionals and the amateurs alike. It is an event that brings together everyone from all races and social classes to enjoy the one-day event across the nation. Companies have made some of the most fantastic ads for the telecast with big names like Pepsi, CocaCola and Toyota making great ads.

The game quality of the match between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers is what everyone wants; the pomp can only be made better with an enjoyable family game with great ads during the breaks. It is the best marketing opportunity for any marketer with nationwide distribution. The SuperBowl is a dominant TV event with this year viewers experiencing other viewing options other than TV. The internet also played a role in increasing the number of views on top of the 114 million recorded for TV viewers.