The leader-member exchange originated from the three additional perspectives which is the one of the five approaches to leadership. This model was introduced George Graen and Fred Dansereau. They stated “Leader-member exchange model of leadership emphasizes that the leaders have different sorts of relationships with different subordinates.” (Williams, 2013) The reason why this approach to leadership is different from the others is because it focuses on the quality of the relationship between the leader and their followers. Everyone in a sports team has experienced certain type of bond between their coaches and player. The LMX model has divided relationship in to two groups; the in-group and out-group exchange.

The popularity of Super Bowl has been soaring over the years with a paltry 90 million viewers in 2006 to a whopping 114 million in 2015. A steady climb has been observed in the past ten years with each year surpassing the previous one in numbers of viewers. There is no other even watched by so many people more that the annual Super Bowl. In fact, it is always an unofficial holiday for most Americans as they create time to watch the big match with friends and family growth or just alone with a drink at home. The telecast shows some of the most expensive ads on TV with this year having a total of 5 million dollars in adverts per[…]